Welcome to Auckland's Plant-Based Cakery

Little Leaf Cakery is here to satisfy your cravings by sharing delicious 100% plant-based baked cheesecakes from our certified home kitchen. These aren't your average baked cheesecakes. Free from eggs, dairy and anything else animal related, plus options for those with gluten intolerances! 

We sell our cakes by the slice at markets around Auckland!

Upcoming dates:

Saturday 22nd January | The Shed Collective Market, Oratia, Auckland

Saturday 29th January | The Shed Collective Market, Oratia, Auckland

Plant-Based and Dairy free

Following a transition to a plant-based diet, one thing a lot of people struggle with is missing the delicious foods they used to eat. With our plant-based vegan baked cheesecakes, it's yet another classic dessert that vegans and people intolerant to dairy products no longer have to miss out on. 

Environmentally Conscious

As well as the exclusion of all animal products from our cakes, we are also committed to packaging our products in an environmentally conscious way. All our packaging can either be composted or recycled - meaning less waste ends up on our landfills.

Want to ask us anything?

If you have an event coming up you would like us to cater for, a special flavour request or suggestion, or perhaps you just want to get in touch for a chat then feel free! We're always happy to get opinions on our cakes and are constantly trying to improve and develop as best we can.  

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